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  1. PSA-16 High Tack Heat Cure Silicone Rubber
    PSA-16 is a heat curing, high-strength, pressure-sensitive, high tack adhesive developed for silicone rubber applications requiring a tough low durometer product.
    Typical Applications
    • Tacky rubber parts
    • Temporary adhesive
    • Prosthetic components

    Starts at $79.18

  2. Rust-Sil SS-2002 Rust Deactivating Coating
    Rust-Sil SS-2002 is a liquid, rust converter compound designed for chemically modifying iron oxide rust to a benign polymeric surface coating on steel and ferrous metals. It finds utility in construction, pipeline, marine and vehicle applications. Rust treatment spray, paint, roll-on or dip to coat.
    Typical Applications
    • Seals and stops rust on ferrous metal surfaces
    • Turns red/orange rust to black as it works
    • Extends service life of metals
    • Waterproofs for long service life in outdoor and in marine environments when secondary silicone rubber coating is applied

    Starts at $26.44

  3. Silicone Remover
    SS-SR is a liquid solvent based cleaner for removing cured silicone without breaking a sweat. Just soak the substrate in the silicone remover liquid, and the silicone wipes right off. Silicone remover solvent works best if items are physically immersed in the liquid and allowed to soak.
    Typical Applications
    • Substrate silicone remover
    • Cleaning old parts
    • Prepping for reapplication

    Starts at $17.46

  4. SS-2001 Fire Barrier Silicone RTV Foam - Fire Barrier 2001 Offset

    The SS-2001 fire barrier foam sealant was designed to seal large and/or complex penetrations such as cable bundles, trays, and conduit bundles and multiple pipes runs while sealing out fire, smoke, and noxious gases. A dispensing gun is required for the dual syringes of this fire barrier foam. If you need a fire resistant coating that does not require a dispensing gun, view our SS-3002 spray-on silicone.

    Typical Applications
    • Fills fire stops of fire walls
    • Seals wire pass throughs and heater vents
    • Foam seal gas vent stacks

    Starts at $20.67

  5. SS-3 Stuntman Safe Ice and Glass - 1 Pound Kit
    SS-3 is a special effects fast curing, crystal clear, self-leveling silicone RTV. SS-3 is a 2-part RTV that when mixed, applied and cured, results in a glass and ice appearing product formed within 10 minutes.
    Typical Applications
    • Special effects stunt glass for theater and film industry
    • Winter sales displays
    • Hobby and craft
    • Parade floats
  6. SS-3000 Sprayable Military Undercoating
    SS-3000 is a fast cure silicone RTV rubber developed for spray coating applications. This sprayable silicone rubber is an excellent vehicle undercoating product.
    Typical Applications
    • Military vehicle undercoating spray
    • Aircraft interior noise reduction
    • Vehicle interior sound dampening

    Starts at $20.29

  7. SS-3001 Sound Dampening Silicone Rubber Coating
    SS-3001 is a fast cure silicone RTV rubber developed for sound dampening spray coating applications. SS-3001 is a 1-part silicone that when cured, acts as a spray on sound deadener spray with the properties of a fireproof rubber coating.
    Typical Applications
    • Vehicle undercoating
    • Aircraft interiors noise reduction
    • Vehicle interior spray sound deadener

    Starts at $231.11

  8. SS-3002 Fire Resistant Silicone Coating
    SS-3002 is a fast cure silicone RTV rubber developed for coating applications where the substrate needs to be fireproof.
    Typical Applications
    • Silicone waterproof spray for tents and shelters
    • Interior partition thermal and sound insulation
    • Metal corrosion resistance for vehicles

    Starts at $30.74

  9. SS-3004 Silicone Rubberized Acid Resistant Coating
    SS-3004 is a fast cure chemical-resistant silicone RTV rubber developed for coating applications where protection from acids is required.
    Typical Applications
    • Protection of concrete and brick
    • Interior partition thermal and acid insulation
    • Metal corrosion resistance for vehicles

    Starts at $242.80

  10. SS-3005 Silicone Rubberized Thermally Conductive Coating
    SS-3005 is a fast cure RTV rubberized silicone developed for thermally conductive applications. This thermally conductive silicone rubber adheres well to metals and composite substrates.
    Typical Applications
    • Solar unit fabrication
    • Component thermal dissipation
    • Automotive and specialty assembly heat transfer

    Starts at $265.21

  11. SS-301AP Plastics Bonding Silicone Adhesive RTV
    SS-301AP is a fast curing RTV silicone adhesive rubber developed for difficult to bond to plastics applications, like Tygon™. SS-301AP is a 1-part silicone adhesive for plastics that when applied to the substrate allows handling of the bonded assembly within an hour. When cured, the elastomer resists weathering, ozone, moisture, UV and high temperatures. The SS-301AP silicone sealant for plastic works well in manual and automatic dispensing equipment.
    Typical Applications
    • Industrial bonding
    • Form in place gaskets
    • Adhesive Sealant

    Starts at $9.03

  12. SS-3148 Selective Adhesion Neutral Cure Silicone RTV Adhesive Sealant
    SS-3148 is a selective silicone neutral curing RTV adhesive sealant rubber developed for applications requiring fast development of physical properties.
    Typical Applications
    • Assembly line adhesive
    • Component assembly
    • Adhesive sealant

    Starts at $32.08

  13. SS-33 Silicone Based Artificial Snow - 10.3 Oz Cartridge
    SS-33 is a fast curing silicone RTV adhesive rubber developed for special effects applications requiring fast development of physical properties and fast unprimed adhesion. This product is for use as high-quality imitation snow.
    Typical Applications
    • Special effects scenes for theater and film industry
    • Winter sales displays
    • Fake artificial snow for crafts and hobby
    • Artificial snow for decorating parade floats
  14. SS-333 Tin-Free Silicone RTV Adhesive Sealant
    SS-333 is a non-tin curing silicone RTV adhesive sealant rubber developed for applications requiring fast development of physical properties and fast unprimed adhesion.
    Typical Applications
    • Reversion resistant adhesives
    • Marine assemblies
    • Silicone sealant for electronics with tin sensitive coatings
    • With addition cured silicones

    Starts at $8.55

  15. SS-3333 High Tack Coating for Sports Gloves and Apparatus
    SS-3333 is a heat curing, high strength silicone adhesive rubber developed for high tack adhesive coating applications requiring a tough rubber product.
    Typical Applications
    • Wide receiver glove glue
    • Hockey stick handles
    • Temporary high tack silicone adhesive

    Starts at $86.37

  16. SS-34 2-Part Ship-Slide Professional Marine Anti-Foulant & Rust Resistant Coating

    SS-34 is an anti-foulant and rust resistant silicone coating. It is an easy to use 1:1 mix, 2-part liquid that when mixed, applied and cured, results in a silicone rubber coating that repels bio-fouling. Being too slippery to attach to, barnacles, zebra mussels and sea-life slide off with the least current. In ships, this and other boat anti-fouling products keep hulls and running gear clean while offering enhanced cruising range via reduced buildup on the hull when moving through the water.

    Typical Applications
    • All fresh and saltwater shipping
    • MRO operations on ships
    • Docks - piers - tugs - port operations

    Starts at $129.56

  17. SS-390D Smart Washer Liquid Indicating Silicone Rubber
    SS-390D is a 1-part orange RTV silicone developed for filling smart washer cavities. SS-390D, liquid silicone rubber, offers unprimed adhesion to many metals and plastics.
    Typical Applications
    • Smart washer assemblies
    • Indicating devices
    • Tamper evident packaging

    Starts at $36.00

  18. SS-5000A Silicone Slip Clean Hull and Anti-Fouling Coating

    SS-5000A is a clear rubber antifouling coating based on polydimethylsiloxane technology. This anti-fouling coating offers a non-staining effect to boat hulls, anti-fouling to the hull and running gear while offering enhanced cruising range and ship speed through reduced friction of the hull through the water. If you are looking for an antifouling coating for buoys, piers, docks, filtration systems, or anything else, our SS-567 silicone antifouling coating is a great choice as well.

    Typical Applications
    • Ship hull anti-fouling
    • Propeller anti-fouling
    • Ship friction reducer
    • Essential in warm waters

    Starts at $98.83

  19. SS-5061 Very Low Specific Gravity Encapsulant For Hand Held Electronic Components
    SS-5061 is a room temperature curing RTV silicone gel developed for applications requiring a low specific gravity product. SS-5061 is a 2-part, 1:1 mix ratio silicone encapsulant. When cured, the elastomer resists weathering, ozone, moisture, and high temperatures. It also acts as a UV resistant silicone. A dispensing gun is required for the dual syringes on this electronic-grade encapsulant silicone adhesive sealant.
    Typical Applications
    • Clear potting or encapsulation of parts
    • Electronic component vibration
    • shock and thermal insulation
    • Dust and moisture protection
    • Dielectric insulation

    Starts at $17.74

  20. SS-51B Clear Silicone Putty - Per Pound
    SS-51B is a clear silicone putty intended for novelty applications, which does not cure.
    Typical Applications
    • Mixing with pigments for custom colors
    • Creating moving artwork such as slime or ooze
    • Light diffusion projects
  21. SS-55L High Temperature Gasket Dressing
    SS-55L is a high temperature gasket sealer. Developed as a non-running silicone gel sealant, this auto gasket sealant provides high-tack properties. SS-55L fills microscopic voids between the gasket and clamping surfaces. Unlike competitive offerings, SS-55L silicone gasket sealer will not lose physical properties when subjected to extreme temperatures.
    Typical Applications
    • Gearbox assemblies
    • Oil pans
    • Transmission pans

    Starts at $14.65

  22. SS-567 Foul-Off Municipal Marine Anti-Foulant Coating
    SS-567 is a clear rubber silicone antifouling boat paint based on polydimethylsiloxane technology. It offers marine silicone anti-fouling to locks, buoys, piers, docks, waterways, filtration systems, dams, and many others. This marine anti-fouling paint is too slippery to attach to.
    Typical Applications
    • Water intake valves at dams
    • Water filtration systems
    • Ship hull anti-fouling
    • Propeller antifouling coating
    • Hydroelectric power stations
    • Water supply equipment and piping

    Starts at $179.96

  23. SS-67F Low Durometer Silicone Rubber Parts Bonder
    SS-67F is a fast curing, high strength, 1-part acetoxy silicone RTV adhesive rubber developed for silicone rubber bonding. SS-67F bonding silicone is intended for lower durometer applications.
    Typical Applications
    • Silicone rubber bonding and splicing
    • Silicone component fabrication
    • Prosthetic assembly and repair

    Starts at $16.28

  24. SS-8112 Fast Cure Liquid Silicone Rubber
    SS-8112 is a fast curing liquid silicone rubber RTV 8112 offset developed for potting and encapsulation applications
    Typical Applications
    • Electronic component encapsulation
    • Electrical potting silicone
    • Thermal insulation
    • Vibration insulation
    • Moisture insulation

    Starts at $32.36

  25. SS-988 Non-Curing Optical Coupling Gel - V-788 Offset
    SS-988 is a non-curing optical coupling gel developed to eliminate losses in fiber optic cable splices. As an optical couplant, it is transparent and offers high clarity and transmission.
    Typical Applications
    • Fiber optics
    • Electro-optics
    • Lens assemblies
    • Light sensing instruments

    Starts at $38.16

  26. TS-33D Versine 2-Part Composite
    TS-33D is a revolutionary new engineering silicone composite material. It's a 2-part, 1:1 mix, rubber-like product that is unique, as it machines like a metal, molds like a thermoset plastics and flexes like a rubber. TS-33D withstands 22,000 PSI compression and bounces back. It's tough, abrasion resistant, and has low surface coefficient of friction.
    Typical Applications
    • Military antennae
    • Seals
    • Gaskets

    Starts at $25.42

  27. TS-64 Clear Anti-Graffiti Coating
    TS-64 is a clear coat fast drying, long-life, low surface energy silicone rubberized paint used in anti-graffiti coating applications.
    Typical Applications
    • Embankment walls and city buildings
    • Creating impossible to deface surfaces
    • Rail and subway protection

    Starts at $13.67

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