Construction Adhesives

Construction Adhesives

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  1. Rust-Sil SS-2002 Rust Deactivating Coating
    Rust-Sil SS-2002 is a liquid, rust converter compound designed for chemically modifying iron oxide rust to a benign polymeric surface coating on steel and ferrous metals. It finds utility in construction, pipeline, marine and vehicle applications. Rust treatment spray, paint, roll-on or dip to coat.
    Typical Applications
    • Seals and stops rust on ferrous metal surfaces
    • Turns red/orange rust to black as it works
    • Extends service life of metals
    • Waterproofs for long service life in outdoor and in marine environments when secondary silicone rubber coating is applied

    Starts at $26.44

  2. SS-2001 Fire Barrier Silicone RTV Foam - Fire Barrier 2001 Offset

    The SS-2001 fire barrier foam sealant was designed to seal large and/or complex penetrations such as cable bundles, trays, and conduit bundles and multiple pipes runs while sealing out fire, smoke, and noxious gases. A dispensing gun is required for the dual syringes of this fire barrier foam. If you need a fire resistant coating that does not require a dispensing gun, view our SS-3002 spray-on silicone.

    Typical Applications
    • Fills fire stops of fire walls
    • Seals wire pass throughs and heater vents
    • Foam seal gas vent stacks

    Starts at $20.67

  3. SS-390D Smart Washer Liquid Indicating Silicone Rubber
    SS-390D is a 1-part orange RTV silicone developed for filling smart washer cavities. SS-390D, liquid silicone rubber, offers unprimed adhesion to many metals and plastics.
    Typical Applications
    • Smart washer assemblies
    • Indicating devices
    • Tamper evident packaging

    Starts at $36.00

  4. SS-4000 Silicone RTV Roof-Coat Rubber
    SS-4000 is a tough silicone RTV liquid roof coating rubber.
    Typical Applications
    • Flat roofing
    • Valleys
    • Repair compound
    • Leak seeking liquid roof coating

    Starts at $235.77

  5. SS-7001 Self-Leveling, Neutral Cure Adhesive
    SS-7001 is a 1-part silicone RTV developed for sealing and coating applications. SS-7001 neutral cure adhesive offers unprimed adhesion and sealing to concrete joints, wood, many metals and plastics.
    Typical Applications
    • Expansion joints
    • Foundation gaps
    • Coating sub-grade electrical connections

    Starts at $6.36

  6. SS-890SL Self-leveling Expansion Joint Seal Silicone RTV - DC 890-SL Offset
    SS-890SL is a self-leveling silicone RTV designed for sealing expansion joints.
    Typical Applications
    • Sealing road expansion joints
    • Sealing concrete new construction
    • Sealing shop floor seams

    Starts at $17.86

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