Silicone Elastomer Handbook

Silicone Elastomer Handbook


Product Description

The Silicone Elastomer Handbook by David M. Brassard is expected to find utility in:
-Industry as a reference
-Academia as a text
-Libraries as a technology guide

In this thorough and comprehensive guide you'll find:
-144 figures and tables
-Extensive 27 page glossary, (longest published on the subject)
-Property Constants and conversion chart
-Chapters on property modification and troubleshooting
-Actual case histories to reinforce key technology facets
-Formulation guide

The Silicone Elastomer Handbook will explore the unique capabilities of silicone elastomers. It will also relay how the unique chemistry of silicone enables the extraordinary behaviors that result in the many products and capabilities. As an applied guide it will also address property modification and troubleshooting. As a consultant, David M. Brassard has traveled the world helping hundreds of firms with silicone technology. Read and learn from this insider's perspectives on the many facets of this elusive technology.

Applied silicone elastomer technology has resulted in a multitude of products in use today. These range from medical devices that ease suffering and extend lives, modern conveniences that improve the quality of life, to materials that enable the exploration of space and survive in harsh enviroments.

The author of this book is also the founder of Silicone Solutions. Silicone Solutions based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, is a specialty manufacturing and consulting firm focusing on silicone product technologies.