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"Back in 2007 Bison Products had a new application requiring a very tough, one-part, silicone conformal coating to be applied to PCB’s in an automated Nordson coater. It took a bit of trial and error to get just the right viscosity, cure cycle, build, and stability but Silicone Solutions, and Dave Brassard, met the challenge to come up with SS-6002, a perfect fit. Now we needed it packaged in 5 gallon Bladder-Paks which was a package unfamiliar to Silicone Solutions. Again, they met the challenge by bringing in sample Bladder-Paks and developing a process to fill them air-free. We’ve been buying SS-6002 from Silicone Solutions for 6 years and the quality and service have been first class."

Jim Hebeisen

“We specialize in advanced electronic products. Silicone Solutions is very helpful on our production development. They can provide custom formula upon our needs on production and safety approvals. Their short lead time and quick processing can always allow us to maintain competitiveness and ship out the goods in time. In the future, we will continue to work with Silicone Solutions and develop more new advanced products!”


"As partner owner of Aerospace Sealants and sole owner of ET Engineering, both businesses have been and remain a customer of Silicone Solutions for over 8 years. As the Aerospace Sealants name suggests, the bulk of the Silicone Solutions' products is for the aerospace applications and industry. During this time they have been very responsive to support my needs with my customers. This has included onsite technical support with the customer, along with suggestions for application and usage to enhance the product bonding and reliability. During this tender of time, Laurie has been our focal point for the product we supply. Through her efforts we have been able to meet our customer's needs on time and been able to provide the best possible amount of shelf life for the product."

Emmet M. Skroch

"Schneller LLC has worked with Silicone Solutions since February of 2007. Since 2007, we have placed 1174 purchase orders with no lates and less than a 5 day lead time, even on custom colors! Silicone Solutions also developed a custom product line to meet strict aviation market requirements with remarkable efficiency and reliability. Very competitive pricing and dealing with customer service is seamless and effortless on a daily basis. I would strongly recommend Silicone Solutions for any projects or market development."

Tom Cole

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