Rust-Sil SS-2002 Rust Deactivating Coating

Rust-Sil SS-2002 Rust Deactivating Coating

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Size Price Quantity
1 Lb Container
1 Gallon 8 Lbs
5 Gallons 40 Lbs

Product Description

Rust-Sil SS-2002 is a liquid, rust converter compound designed for chemically modifying iron oxide rust to a benign polymeric surface coating on steel and ferrous metals. It finds utility in construction, pipeline, marine and vehicle applications. Rust treatment spray, paint, roll-on or dip to coat.

Product features

  • Excellent coating stability
  • Resists oxidation
  • Non-toxic liquid
  • -40 to 204C

Typical Applications

  • Seals and stops rust on ferrous metal surfaces
  • Turns red/orange rust to black as it works
  • Extends service life of metals
  • Waterproofs for long service life in outdoor and in marine environments when secondary silicone rubber coating is applied