SS-5000A Silicone Slip Clean Hull and Anti-Fouling Coating

SS-5000A Silicone Slip Clean Hull and Anti-Fouling Coating

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Product Description

SS-5000A is a clear rubber antifouling coating based on polydimethylsiloxane technology. This anti-fouling coating offers a non-staining effect to boat hulls, anti-fouling to the hull and running gear while offering enhanced cruising range and ship speed through reduced friction of the hull through the water. If you are looking for an antifouling coating for buoys, piers, docks, filtration systems, or anything else, our SS-567 silicone antifouling coating is a great choice as well.

Product features

  • Clear, colorless liquid
  • Self-bonding to all marine substrates
  • Non-organic
  • Low surface energy
  • Helps repel sea-life, barnacles and scum
  • In addition to hulls, the silicone antifouling paint is effective on propellers and running gear
  • Increases speed, fuel efficiency and cruising range
  • Non-toxic inert coating
  • Works without copper or other heavy metal poisons
  • Reduces stains on hulls

Typical Applications

  • Ship hull anti-fouling
  • Propeller anti-fouling
  • Ship friction reducer
  • Essential in warm waters