TS-33D Versine 2-Part Composite

TS-33D Versine 2-Part Composite

Grouped product items
Size Price Quantity
1 Lb Kit - 8 oz of each
2 Gallon Kit - 20 Lbs Total
10 Gallon Kit - 100 Lbs Total

Product Description

TS-33D is a revolutionary new engineering silicone composite material. It's a 2-part, 1:1 mix, rubber-like product that is unique, as it machines like a metal, molds like a thermoset plastics and flexes like a rubber. TS-33D withstands 22,000 PSI compression and bounces back. It's tough, abrasion resistant, and has low surface coefficient of friction.

Product features

  • Fast heat cure
  • Durable rubber-like product
  • No odor, non-corrosive addition cure
  • No by-products, no shrinkage

Typical Applications

  • Military antennae
  • Seals
  • Gaskets