Silicone Processing
An overview of silicone process technology and the equipment and procedures as they developed over time. This seminar can be customized to meet your specific product goals, i.e. RTV compounding, polymers, etc.

Troubleshooting RTV Silicone Products
A review of the many facets of RTV formulation technology as they relate to specific processing issues, physical properties and applications.

Silicone Gasketing Technology
The many aspects of sealing technology utilizing silicone elastomers will be reviewed. Adhesive and compression sealing and the many gasket designs will be defined as they relate to silicone elastomer gasketing applications.

Silicone Reinforcement
A key property in silicone technology will be explored in detail. The action of reinforcing and semi-reinforcing fillers as well as the many functionalized additives will be reviewed.

Adhesion with Silicone Elastomers
Both primed and primerless adhesion routes will be explored in silicone applications. Adhesion and silane chemistry will be applied in practical elastomer applications.

About the Presenter
David Brassard hosted a roundtable discussion at the International Silicone Conference in May, 2003 and presented a paper at the conference in 2002, as well as the Adhesives and Sealants Council in New Orleans and the American Chemical Society, Rubber Division meeting in Cleveland, both in October, 2001. He has also been a member of a recent Department of Defense 'think tank' in California.

An article by Mr. Brassard was published in Rubber and Plastics News in May, 2002 and Adhesives Age in July, 2001. He was also the past chairman of the ACS Silicone Symposium, as well as chaired seminars through the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. David has presented papers at the American Chemical Society, Society of American Engineers, Boston Rubber Group, Adhesives and Sealant Council, and presented many in-company seminars on specific aspects of gasketing and silicone technology.