SS-3007 Fast Deep Section Cure Adhesive Sealant

SS-3007 Fast Deep Section Cure Adhesive Sealant

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50 Ml Dual Syringe
400 Ml Dual Syringe
2 Gallon Kit - 16 Lbs Total

Product Description

SS-3007 is a fast curing silicone RTV adhesive rubber developed for bonding applications requiring fast development of physical properties. SS-3007 is a 2-part black silicone sealant that when applied to the substrate and cured, allows handling of the bonded assembly within minutes. When cured, the elastomer resists weathering, ozone, moisture, UV and high temperatures. A dispensing gun is required for the dual syringes on this black silicone adhesive.

Product features

  • Fast room temperature cure
  • 2-part 1:1 mix RTV
  • Thixotropic

Typical Applications

  • Component bonding
  • Gasket fabrication