SS-4061 1 Part Heat Cure Conformal Coating/Gel

SS-4061 1 Part Heat Cure Conformal Coating/Gel

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Size Price Quantity
3 Oz Tube
16 Oz Container
1 Gallon 8 Lbs

Product Description

SS-4061 is a heat curing silicone gel RTV developed for encapsulation and conformal coating applications. SS-4061 is a 1-part silicone that when heated to 150°C, cures in less than 30 minutes, forming a tough silicone rubber insulation.

Product features

  • Transparent encapsulant
  • Addition cure liquid
  • Excellent moldability and conformation to plastic, metal and glass parts
  • Fluoresces under UV light for part inspection

Typical Applications

  • Electronic component vibration
  • Shock and thermal silicone rubber insulation
  • Dust and moisture protection