SS-25 EMI/RFI Conductive Adhesive

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SS-25 EMI/RFI Conductive Adhesive

SS-25    Technical Data Sheet    Safety Data Sheet
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1 Oz Tube
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10.3 Oz Cartridge
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Product Description

SS-25 is an electrically conductive, moisture curing silicone RTV. SS-25 is a 1-part electrically conductive adhesive silicone that when applied to the substrate, allows handling of the assembly after 1 hour. When cured, the electrically conductive glue resists weathering, ozone, moisture, UV and high temperatures.

Product Features

  • Fast RT cure
  • Thixotropic paste
  • High temperature resistant
  • Non-corrosive oxime cure

Typical Applications

  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Electrically conductive adhesive sealant

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  • Specific Gravity: 2.29
  • Uncured Color: Dark Gray
  • Solids: 98.00%
  • Shelf Life: Sealed conductive glue containers are guaranteed for 6 months from the ship date when stored in a cool dry area, below 70°F
  • Viscosity: 600,000 cps.
  • Tack Free Time: 60 Minutes
  • CURED - R.T.
  • Cured: 72 Hours @ Room Temperature
  • Cured Color: Dark Gray
  • Durometer, Shore: A 65
Cure speed can be accelerated with increased humidity to very rapid cures, exhibiting surprisingly fast adhesion.
Keep out of the reach of children. Uncured electrically conductive adhesive can irritate eyes and skin.
Sealed conductive glue containers are guaranteed for 6 months from the ship date when stored in a cool dry area, below 70°F
All recommendations, statements and technical data herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable and correct, but accuracy and completeness of said tests are not guaranteed and are not to be construed as warranty, either expressed or applied. User shall rely on his own information and tests to determine suitability of the product for the intended use, and the user assumes all risk and liability resulting from the use of this product. Manufacturerï¾’s sole responsibility shall be to replace that portion of product of the manufacturer proves to be defective. Manufacturer shall not be liable to the buyer or any third party for injury, loss or damage directly or indirectly resulting from the use of, or inability to use, the product. Recommendations or statements other than those contained in a written agreement signed by an officer of the manufacturer shall not be binding by the manufacturer.
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